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Friday, 22 November 2013

Family get-togethers

Getting together on a boat is a lovely thing to do when the weather is fine and the sea is sparkling. There is nothing nicer than enjoying time together on the water. When it's family you are getting together with it is even more special and something we try to do regularly.
Recently the Captain enjoyed Father's Day with both his sons, their partners and his grandson. A magical day was had by all as we cruised around the waters of Westernport Bay - the middle generation even took the two inflatables out for a spin and had a bit of a race!
Three generations together - special on Father's Day
Another "Captains Day"was spent last weekend when his family got together to celebrate birthdays - something they try to do every few months every year - a great way to catch up, share stories that only families know and enjoy each others'company. This time we went to Warneet, where the family had owned a holiday house when they were younger - lovely memories were shared over a few drinks, with much laughter as they reminisced!
A great place for a laugh and a drink!
It is also nice when we just get a one or two of the family - it's a more intimate affair when we can enjoy our children, or parents, or siblings while cruising around. We are lucky to have our beautiful boat, and we are even more lucky to have our lovely families.
Isn't this fun?!

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