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Saturday, 15 August 2015

A new boating season begins!

Hastings Marina, first light
We left Yaringa Marina on Saturday 8th August after Manookatoo had finished her regular service, bottom clean and paint. She was ready for another cruising season! A week was spent just "down the road" at Hastings for the Annual Mariners Club dinner that night and a few socializing trips during the week for the Captain. Friday night saw us enjoy a couple of drinks with friends (maybe one or two more than we needed?).
We cast off at 7:30 the next morning, cruising down the bay, pushing against the incoming tide, averaging about 5 knots. We enjoyed breakfast  as we rounded Sandy Point just before 9:00, reaching the entrance to the bay, and the start of Bass Strait, at 10:50.
Passing West Head just after 11:00, we marveled at the lack of wind, with just a rolling swell to remind us we were at sea.
Cruising along past the beaches
With Cape Schanck off the starboard just after noon, we continued on, enjoying lunch while we passed the cliffs and beaches, reaching the entrance to Port Phillip Bay - The Rip - at 3:15. The captain contacted the coastguard, who assured us there was nothing to watch out for, and we cruised in through the eddies as the last of the outgoing tide pushed past.
Queenscliff Marina
Slowing to allow the ferry to berth before us, we entered Queenscliff Harbour at 3:50 and were tied up at our mooring soon after. With helpful currents and mild conditions, we used a total of just 45.4 litres of fuel on our 7 1/2 hour trip. 
Next morning we were up and cruising at first light, keen to get back to Yarra's Edge for afternoon plans. We were in the fast running channel right on 6:30 am and past West Head Pile at 7:45; time for a leisurely bacon and eggs breakfast as we headed north, enjoying a light breeze and very mild conditions. The first mate took the opportunity to cook a jam slice as we cruised along!
We entered the Yarra at 11:10, passing under the Westgate and then the Bolte, before the Captain steered us into Yarra's Edge Marina just before midday.
All in all we had cruised 79.7 nautical miles, using 78.5 litres of fuel and taking 13 hours and 40 minutes to get to our new mooring.
Yarra's Edge Marina - home - for now!!

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