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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Springtime on the bay

Cruising out to the bay, leaving the Yarra behind
We're back to Yarra's Edge Marina for some springtime fun! We're hoping a few of our friends and family join us for a cruise or two! We also plan to have a few week nights on the water - when the weather and our calendar allows us!
There is nothing lovelier than leaving work, catching the 109 tram to Port Melbourne, and being picked up by Manookatoo. It is an instant relaxant, changing my mood from work-think to rest-think!!
Not leaving the Marina!!

Of course, not every day lends itself to cruising. Springtime means windy weather and changing conditions. A planned weekend at Sandringham was not quite curtailed by gale force winds, but we certainly stayed well inside the Marina! Walking around the local markets and shops, with a restaurant dinner one night and drinks at the Yacht Club the other helped sweeten the weekend.

HMAS Canberra III
September was also a travelling month, with a weekend in Sydney spent on and near the water. We caught the ferry to Manly, passing Matt's big ship on the way, checking out likely coves for overnight stays next year.
A likely cove for 2017

Two weeks in South Australia didn't involve a lot of cruising, but we did manage a boat trip along the Murray to visit the Overland Corner Hotel!
Cruising along the Murray
Visits from a local paddle steamer also kept us interested.

Now, as the weather starts to settle and warm up, we look forward to visits from family and friends, before Manookatoo takes off again for the lakes!

Two junior captains on Papa's boat

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