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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Seafood at Lakes

A very important part of any adventure is food, and the food we most enjoy on the Gippsland Lakes is seafood! Lakes Entrance has a large fishing fleet and we love watching the trawlers head out to sea, knowing that on their return they will be full of all types of fresh, delicious seafood.
The Lakes Entrance Fishing Cooperative Limited (LEFCOL) is where many of the trawlers unload their catch and, as it is located opposite Flagstaff Jetty, where we like to tie up, we can watch as the fisherman disgorge their night's takings. The co-op also has its own shop, which we love to visit when planning a seafood feast, particularly when we are with family and friends. They have a large and varied supply available at all times, although a few days of rough weather can diminish their stocks, but there is always a freezer full to choose from.
Mussels on Flagstaff Jetty
Fresh Mussels - yum!!
Flagstaff Jetty is also a great place to collect mussels and the Captain often fossicks around the jetty piers when the tide is low, collecting enough for a delicious entree of steamed mussels or main course of mussels with pasta. We never take more than we are going to consume, that way there are plenty there for next time!
Karumba Gulf - our favourite trawler
Prawns for lunch
A visit to Lakes Entrance is never complete without prawns, usually purchased off the back of our favourite trawler, Karumba Gulf. When we see it heading out to sea we start planning our next lunch (prawn rolls) or dinner (seafood platter, marinara, risotto or paella) - and as it returns we rush up to get the best available at the cheapest price....the smallest prawns are not only the cheapest but also the sweetest, according to the Italian lady selling from the trawler. We are spoilt for choice in the Gippsland Lakes, particularly at Lakes Entrance, but we never tire of the delicious seafood available to us.

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