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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Family and friends.....and folly

The Gold Coast; 41 floors up
With many transport options to reach the Gold Coast, we have been lucky to catch up with friends and family over the past week. And with beautiful weather conditions and many anchorages to visit, we have been keen to do some exploring!
Marathon hero!
The First Mate's daughter, Kirsty, was here to participate in the Gold Coast half marathon, so we made the most of coinciding visits to have lunch at Northcliffe Surf Club, watch her run and enjoy well-earned massages the next day.
Paynesville friends Peter and Sal drove down from their holiday on the Sunshine Coast and we enjoyed lunch onboard Manookatoo at Paradise Point on a beautiful sunny Tuesday.
Peter and Sal from Paynesville
Sunset drinks at Couran Cove

The Captain's sister, Shaunagh and Mark joined us for two days cruising on Manookatoo, staying at Couran Cove on Thursday and enjoying drinks at sunset cove and a morning walk to the surf beach, then cruising to Paradise Point on Friday, with a walk along the Esplanade and a drink at a local bar, then they had three nights in a Gold Coast apartment where we joined them for a lovely family dinner on the 41st floor.
Jack, Amy and Chris
41st floor family dining
The Captain's son, Chris, flew up from Melbourne with Amy and Jack on Saturday for a few days in the sunshine. We were so pleased to see how well Jack is growing and we enjoyed quality time with them while they were here, including a cruise around the Broadwater and Wave Break Island with fresh prawns straight from the trawler for lunch, and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.
First try strapping...
Living on a boat in a location like the Gold Coast is easy....most of the time, but a small folly can become a major challenge! A chance slip on a painted driveway one dewy morning proved the First Mate's undoing, as she stumbled and fell, hurting her right hand. Remembering the First Aid training undertaken before the cruise began, it was time for RICE: rest, ice, compression, elevation, followed by strapping fingers together while they recovered - only they didn't.
A "Suzuki frame"
A visit to the doctor and an x-ray showed a fracture, the resultant visit to an upper limb specialist and a CT scan revealed a shattered and dislocated knuckle. As a result, surgery to fit a "suzuki frame" and six weeks of therapy and repeat doctors' visits will be keeping us in this vicinity for the next while, and the Captain has taken on the added responsibilities of first mate, chief cook and bottle washer.
We are confident that with some logistical planning we can make this work and keep enjoying ourselves! With plenty of places to visit in the local area and beautiful weather for lazing around, plus a range of transport options to get us back to the Gold Coast from further afar, the Manookatoo Adventures will continue.....!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Boats are much safer than land :) Take care!